5 tips for taking beautiful travel photos


The time has come to embark to the destination you have always dreamed of. You checked everything, your bags are closed and the itinerary is scheduled so that nothing is missing. Are you sure you have thought of everything? Are your preparations really complete? Don’t let a detail ruin your vacation! Here are some ideas to help you make the most of the magic of your accommodation and compose a photo album to match your adventure.

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Review the basics of your camera

How to capture the light of a sunset or the color of a landscape? At the time, there is no time to discover a tip or search on photography sites. Refresh your memory before traveling, so your photos will be more beautiful. Did you forget what exposure triangle means? Pleasurefully recall photographic techniques and learn to adapt the aperture, sensitivity and speed of the camera to your eyes.

Tripod, an indispensable accessory for your travel photos

Don’t pay attention to your friends’ criticisms about the inconvenience of taking a tripod on the trip. Without it, it is impossible to take a good photo at night or a beautiful panorama. You know, there is no long pose without a tripod . This indispensable accessory forces you to be calm. You reflect more on your position than when you are holding the machine. More precision, framing and the right composition. Think of the unique images that await you and have no doubt. You have enough space to carry your tripod!

Know how to manage the light

Know how to manage the light

Good photos ask you to organize your time. The midday sun is not an ally of the beautiful images , so take advantage of this time to rest. Reserve your evenings to enjoy the soft light, the beauty of contrasts and the games of shadows. And do not forget to schedule some excursions at the beginning of the day, because at that time you can better capture the bright colors.

Anticipate and create the conditions for a good panorama

What is the best way to capture the beauty of a perspective, the colors of a landscape or the lines of a facade? It sure isn’t with hundreds of heads and sticks of selfies in front of you! The perfect photo sometimes deserves a morning awakening, a little detour or just patience … You are on vacation. Take the time to take good pictures. Schedule your days and make sure you don’t miss anything, so you don’t start whining.

Take time to make beautiful photos

The search for the ideal photo should not become an obsession or a source of stress. Poor exposure or a lost frame cannot always be recovered. Even with the best photo program! Again, take some time … Adjust your support, remove the can of soda on the table and see if the photo you just took looks good. Good shot!


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