Check out 10 tips for healthy eating

In “Perdas e Ganhos” , the nutritionist Astrid Pfeiffer teaches several light and sweets recipes , which helped in the diet of the character Maycow Montemor . In addition, she lists below 10 tips on how to get healthy eating. Check out!

Source: Book “Astrid Pfeiffer’s Vegetarian Cuisine”. Editora Alaúde.

Take your meals calmly

Your body needs this time to process food. Most digestive enzymes (50%) are secreted by sensory stimuli (sight, smell, touch, taste).

Chew your food well

Digestion begins in the mouth with the grinding of food and the action of salivation. Chewing should make the food pasty, facilitating the digestive process. When there is anxiety, the control of food intake is impaired and we often eat more. When we chew well, we are automatically working with anxiety and promoting physiological (true) satiety. So, don’t eat less than 20 minutes each meal.

Liquids x Meal

Do not drink liquids with meals. The liquid prevents you from chewing your food well and disrupts the digestive process. Try to use fluids 30 minutes before or 60 minutes after main meals. However, if the meal is salty the ideal is to drink water during.

Meal times

Have time for your meals. It makes our body maintain a rhythm, with nutritional and hormonal stability.

Eat every 3 hours

Our brain needs a constant supply of glucose (carbohydrate). The inconstancy in receiving this nutrient, reduces our disposition, besides providing loss of muscle mass. In addition, eating every 3 hours, hunger and greed are kept under control, preventing episodes of binge eating.

Whole Foods

Consume whole foods. They contain various nutrients that are in the grain film. They are excellent for maintaining blood glucose levels (blood sugar), they have fibers that will serve as food for the beneficial bacteria in the intestine, they help control cholesterol and satiety.

Consume fruits and vegetables

Eat greens, vegetables and fruits. They are great sources of fiber, vitamins and minerals. It also contains phytochemicals (polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids, among others) which are excellent antioxities (protectors of our cells)

Avoid refined foods

Foods considered white (bread, sugar, wheat, rice), in addition to no longer containing their skin – where most of the nutrients were located – also undergo a chemical process called bleaching. In this process, several chemical substances are added, with potential negative effect for our organism. Refined foods do not feed our “good” bacteria. Thus, it may favor the growth of pathogenic (bad) bacteria and unbalance our intestinal flora.

Drink liquid

Drinking fluids during the day keeps our body well hydrated and helps the body transport the nutrients we need. The best method we have to check our hydration is the color of the urine, which should be very light yellow.

Avoid the industrialized

Avoid processed, processed and processed foods. These products contain numerous chemical substances that are not recognized by our body. Excessive consumption of these foods requires liver work to neutralize dyes, preservatives, etc., and then eliminate them, often with the aid of the kidneys. Some products with a potential carcinogenic effect may be received by ingesting these products or produced in the detoxification process. There may be impairment of the immune system and allergic processes due to the ingestion of products foreign to our body.


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