Do you feel stressed with work? Work out

Physical exercise, in addition to contributing to maintaining the ideal weight, increasing muscle mass, bone health and improving the immune system, can be the key to your success at work. Find out how exercise helps replace stress with confidence.

Facing the challenges

A study conducted at the University of Saint Leo, Florida, in January 2014, involving researchers from other North American universities, showed that workers who exercise regularly feel more confident to face the stress of their professional and family life. than those who do not develop any sports activity. Another interesting revelation of the research is that the increase in the capacity to better manage challenges and make decision-making more assertive tends to be transversal to other areas of life.

Contagious well-being

Each person has a different reaction to stress, but it always starts with being the body’s response to a situation that it identifies as threatening. It is normal to experience anxiety in the most difficult moments, but if this feeling is constant and lasting, the person is subject to prolonged wear and tear that will make him more vulnerable to irritability, nervousness, poor decisions and a weakened immune system. Combining good nutrition, healthy living habits and physical exercise has the power, as shown by numerous scientific studies, to counter the negative emotions associated with stress.Exercise stimulates the production of serotonin and endorphins in the brain, neurotransmitters responsible for the feeling of happiness, pleasure, well-being and personal fulfillment, counteracting anxiety , the root of stress, while increasing resistance, self-control, persistence and memory.

Ideal physical activities

Many active adults have already realized the importance of physical exercise in well-being and how it contributes to increasing confidence at work. It is no coincidence that most people who exercise regularly prefer to go to the gym in the early hours of the morning, before starting the work day, and there are also many others who take the lunch break to exercise, yoga or meditation. You must choose an activity that matches your needs. The company of a friend and the choice of a gym or a pleasant outdoor space tend to increase motivation. Although effective in combating excess weight, body combat , boxing, spinning or body pump may not be the most recommended activities to release thestress, as they are too stimulating and competitive. Instead, choose Pilates or water aerobics that help you maintain good posture while controlling stress levels .

Outdoor exercise

If you are not fond of indoor environments and gyms, movements as simple as going down and climbing stairs, walking and running 1 or 2 kilometers outdoors contribute a lot to people feeling good in all areas of life, as the same study revealed . If you belong to the group of those who relieve stress with tranquilizers and anxiolytics, a coffee or a cigarette (harmful options that only create an ephemeral well-being), take the opportunity to start a new phase of your life and start running after yours tomorrow. self-confidence. Physical exercise is the most powerful enemy of stress and your greatest ally within the four walls of the office or in your family life.

Outdoors or in a gym, exercising is an excellent stimulant to combat stress and help you feel confident. The power of serotonin and endorphins released during sports or relaxation functions as a shield against negative energies at work, at home or in other areas of life.


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