Exercise with pleasure

More than the search for the ideal body, exercising represents well-being
In a society in which “looking” around

More than the search for the ideal body, exercising represents well-being
In a society where “looking” has become more important than “being”, the search for the ideal body and the fight against the law of gravity have become a trap for Many. The covers of women’s magazines are there to prove it. Most try to draw the reader’s attention to miraculous physical exercise programs that, amazingly, promise the butt of a certain actress in weeks or, then, to miraculous diets that guarantee the loss of several “extra pounds” in a few days. Real torture, let’s face it.
“The human being is a social being. As a result, he lives at the mercy of behavior patterns that do not always correspond to what would be best for him and his body ”, analyzes the Jungian psychologist José Antonio de Oliveira, from Jundiaí.
In this “cult of the body”, what would be a moment to discharge adrenaline, promote relaxation and well-being, and, consequently, cultivate health and aesthetics, becomes slavery, sacrifice, which, in the short term, can generate withdrawal.
“Exercise is quality of life, it improves the mind. Today, there is a very wide range of activities. The important thing is to find out what you like – to do what gives you pleasure, at the time you like it ”, says Sandra Lia do Amaral, professor at Unesp in Bauru. “If the person is competitive, activities such as games, which involve a dispute, can have more effect. Other people are more reserved, they don’t like loud sound. In this case, it is good to choose the parks, to escape from the gyms ”, he exemplifies. The ideal, she says, is to forget the quick results and start slowly, tracing a smooth progression to increase the intensity.
Nutritionist Valnira Martins recalls that there is no point working out sick and not taking care of what we eat. “The person may even lose weight, but if the diet is not balanced, the body is left with a deficit of nutrients.” According to her, the ideal is to opt for natural sources of nutrients to gain muscle mass. Another recommendation is to never exercise while fasting, in addition to being well hydrated before, during and after activity.
After swimming 12 years uninterrupted, journalist Karina Oliveira Landi, 26, started to live a sedentary life. It was eight years without exercise, until, in dance, he managed to combine physical activity with pleasure. “I recently discovered that I have arrhythmia and physical activity is essential in my case. I even tried to go to the gym, but I don’t have the patience. As I like to dance, I enrolled in a school with my partner. Now I feel more ready, ”he says. “The class is super tight, has several stretching exercises, stimulates concentration and, in addition, it is a therapy”, she says, noting that with the activity came the improvement in the quality of sleep and food.

Another who found motivation away from the academy was advertising executive Cláudia Ramos, 33. “I started going to a gym, but I realized that most of them were very young, or intended to be, and had a perfect body. It bothered me. ” In search of a more “democratic” environment, she joined Sesi’s body balance classes (mix of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates movements). “It is a moment of concentration in my body, when I only think about the exercises. I release the accumulated stress, the skin, the circulation, everything is better. ”
Psychologist José Antonio de Oliveira recalls that a walk or an outdoor leisure can be more pleasurable than hours at a gym. “Certain things do not change. Genetics is genetic, it doesn’t change. What really matters is that you accept yourself as you are, I call that freedom – being free from social standards and being yourself. ”


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