Exercise with the help of your cell phone


Is this blog about physical education subjects? No! So what does this post have to do? I, Rodrigo Toledo, have always been very connected to physical and sports activities, but my career was not in this direction; but not for that reason people who are in the same situation should stop practicing some physical exercise: it is good!

Since I bought my Android phone I have been discovering several apps that help with fitness. It simply uses GPS to obtain speed, altitude and route information. It is not the most complete but for those who do not want anything so complicated it solves the problem well.

  • exercise mode (walking, running, cycling, boxing …)
  • count of steps taken
  • voice help
  • race against yourself
  • integration with your music

The free version already has several of these options above. The paid version offers the possibility to set up your workout, in addition to the options above. In addition, you can buy a polar on Amazon that will pass information about your heartbeat to your cell phone and give you more accurate information.

Simple and at the same time effective. He has less options and modalities than the CardioTrainer but I found it more direct to the point when setting up the training. Those who are not from the world of physical activity can get lost with so many details and configurations. With miCoach it works as follows:

  1. You install the app on your phone
  2. Fill in your information
  3. In the middle of the process you will have to register on the Adidas miCoach website

Hence I bet you will be thinking: aff everything that depends on a website goes wrong. That’s where the cool part is. When you are logged in to miCoach you have the possibility to choose ready-made workouts that are linked to your profile. And the best are several trainings, but many times they are not only linked to running, but with physical conditioning, performance and competitiveness.

After registering your training on the website, when you open the application on your phone, you will download the last training program that already tells you when you will have a new training and what you will do in it. Running training to lose weight consists of an evaluation exercise, others of progressivity and resistance. The user can still visit the site and appear with the help of industry professionals who respond to the forum.

In addition to everything I’ve said, he also integrates with music, voice assistance and modalities. One detail to start with these apps: in the physical evaluation, which is the first exercise of your complete workout, you will have the voice assistance informing you something like: walk for 2 minutes with 2 for 10 effort. What would that be? Think about the following intervals:

2 to 3: Normal walk, without haste

4 to 5: Faster walk, you can start to warm up

6 to 7: Trot or jogging, you can warm up

8: Good run, you can’t talk

9 to 10: Despite having received no guidance from 10, it would be a race for your life.

In conclusion, we who are glazed by technology but spend 12 hours a day sitting down should we use these applications in order to improve our quality of life. Without our health we are not in our work.


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