Functional training: stay in shape in just 15 minutes!


You already know that you need to exercise regularly to maintain fitness and health. Only, nowadays, who has time to spend at least 2 hours in the gym, counting the time of the bath, of going back and forth from there… Not to mention the monthly fee, which you should already be thinking about cutting from your budget , in these times of tightening the belts in the economy. But how about keeping in shape with exercise sessions of just 15 minutes a day, at home, and with just one device? It exists: it is functional ball training , the famous medicine ball !

The medicine ball , or medicine ball, was developed for physiotherapy exercises and rehabilitation of people with physical limitations, and is widely used in Pilates , for example. There are several types of medicine ball , which vary in size and weight. They began to be used in fitness mainly in abdominal exercises . But soon physical education teachers began to expand the possibilities of the ball, which in addition to the extra weight, absorb the impact, which forces you to use more strength to keep up with the movement. This makes it a great tool to exercise the core (arms, chest, abdomen and legs), burn fat and define the abdomen.

Other advantages of functional ball exercises are that they demand more metabolism than traditional ones, with a dumbbell or barbell, and since there are few repetitions, you give the maximum in each one and do not lose the gas at the end. You only need to do eight repetitions of each exercise, with very little interval between each one. After finishing a series of four different exercises, rest for 30 seconds and repeat four more times. In 15 minutes, you will have a highly effective and highly effective workout session! See what the exercises are, given by personal trainer Jessi Kneeland, from New York (USA), and published in Women’s Health magazine and on the M de Mulher portal , illustrated by photos.

Now just buy a medicine ball , and also clothes, shoes and gym accessories, which you can find with Outlet prices, from quality brands like Mizuno and Rainha, at Meggashop, move the furniture away from the living room and exercise in 15 minutes. minutes, without spending anything with the gym!


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