Living in Harmony with Nature – Health Recipe

Harmony The basic concept behind the creation of beauty – Health, is to achieve a mind s ã a body’s will by the application of ecological methods and res p eitosos environment. This is also the meaning of putting an equal sign between the words beauty and health.

The strong and resistant organism appears charming and attractive. The opposite is also true. Modern society is highly technological and this fact has both positive and negative aspects.

The development of social networks managed to bring together societies and several individuals, but also to move them away from their roots – nature. And it is she who has almost all the answers to the questions and solutions to problems that we most need.

Benefits of Natural Products

Natural products The medical and cosmetic products that are created based on natural extracts and herbs, can stimulate the metabolism, tone the body, giving it strength and energy for life.

Statistics show that medicines and beauty products, which have strong chemical active ingredients, often cause undesirable side effects that can be converted into chronic illnesses.

Therefore, what we have given our body in the form of food and drink is of utmost importance. They are able to improve the functioning of the immune system but also make it go to the levels that our body does not have the strength to fight against viruses and diseases.

The Healthy Diet – The First Friend

Obesity is considered one of the biggest problems of the time in which we live. It is not because it is aesthetically unpleasant, but because it leads to a series of complications, including problems with diabetes and blood sugar, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, skin irritations , etc.

Here we see the meaning of the equal sign between beauty and health. One cannot exist without the other. No plastic surgeon is capable of captivating charm or feeling of happiness.

This can only be achieved through a healthy diet and regular physical exercise, as these are not exercises that professional athletes do, but simple movements, which can be achieved with yoga, running or swimming.

More Movement – More Energy

more movement When the body moves, the muscles contract and the processes in the body harmonize and function normally. It is not necessary to exceed, as this can lead to wear and tear on the joints and cartilage.

Physical activity, however, brings health and makes people graceful and thin. Calories are burned and beneficial fats are used properly. All of this leads to increased levels of the hormone of happiness – dopamine and, thus, the feeling of vitality and vigor.

Thus, many other factors that have a negative impact on the human psyche are also eliminated – stress, overwork, the sedentary life cycle.

The Healthy Person is Beautiful !

Inadequate diet, systematic sleep deprivation and other practices that impair normal metabolic processes in the body and can lead to skin discoloration, premature baldness and disease often caused by different viruses.

Each of us found ourselves after a week of hard work when access to healthy eating and physical movement was limited. The image can be defined as sad – unhappy expression, dark circles under the eyes and lack of desire for life.

Just a small step is enough to bring the body closer to nature and please your natural needs. When the body feels good, it starts showing it in appearance. One of the most beautiful views in the world is that of a smiling and happy young man with pink cheeks.

The Pleasure of Life is Useful!

the pleasure of life The hectic lifestyle of the modern individual has not only taken him from his roots, but has also made him forget how to appreciate the little things. Many people cannot remember the pleasure of lying on the grass in the sun, listening to their thoughts and the breeze.

The perfect tranquility interrupted only momentarily by the birds that sing. Reading a book or listening to relaxing music are also stolen moments. These are sacred moments of complete relaxation to forget the trivial problems of each day.

Everyone should make room in his life for more pleasures like these, if he wants to keep his mind healthy and his body healthy. The increase in dopamine levels leads to an increase in natural levels of immune protection.

Always be in tune with yourself!

The most important person to whom each is responsible is himself. Therefore, it is important to listen to your inner voice, living in harmony with nature and keeping your body healthy, your mind – clean, and your body – in perfect shape.


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