Miami beaches: tips, when to go and which ones are the most beautiful 

Miami’s beaches are undoubtedly the most popular in the country and also the most sought after by Brazilian tourists when it comes to beautiful scenery, fun and beautiful people .

Get ready to be enchanted by one of the most beautiful coastlines in the United States!

In addition to a tropical climate, paradisiacal beaches and a lot of hype, the scenery gains even more charm with its leisure, sport and sightseeing options .

For you to put together a perfect itinerary, we have prepared the best travel tips. Check out!

Miami beaches: paradisiacal destinations

Known worldwide for its bustling nightlife , tropical climate and beautiful beaches, Miami’s beaches enchant tourists for their idyllic destinations and, of course, many leisure and entertainment options .

There is no shortage of beautiful blue sea beaches , crystal clear waters, soft sand and coconut trees.

Not to mention the beautiful parks intended for physical activity. Get ready to be amazed by Miami!

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When is the best time to visit Miami’s beaches?

Miami Beaches Source: Unsplash

To put together a beach itinerary in Miami, nothing better than staying on top of the most recommended seasons to travel there, although it is possible to enjoy this destination at any time of the year.

The city has a tropical and subtropical climate for much of the year, with the hottest periods occurring between the months of May and October , during the summer.

However, due to the possibility of hurricanes, this is a period that tourists avoid traveling to the region.

In this sense, one of the best times to visit the city is between October and March , during the winter.

At that time, the temperatures are pleasant and it is possible to go to the beach in Miami.

Documentation required to travel to Miami, USA

When it comes to putting together a Miami beach itinerary, don’t forget to organize all your documentation . To land on American land, you must apply for a visa at the Consulate .

To obtain authorization, you must present your documents to the American agency, fill out a form and then go through an interview.

Once approved, upon arriving in American immigration, also present the passport valid , the reservations and ticket back.

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Miami Travel Insurance

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Miami beaches and surroundings

The city ​​of Miami is very popular and there are plenty of beautiful beaches. So, nothing better than putting together a script with the best options, right?

We separated the most beautiful and fun and attractions of the city for you to know. Check it out:

1. South Beach

Miami Beaches: South beach Source: Unsplash

When it comes to choosing the best beaches in Miami, South Beach should be on your list. It is very popular because of the number of restaurants and nightclubs there.

The place attracts many tourists due to Lincoln Road, which houses dozens of stores.

Oh, don’t miss Ocean Drive , a region famous for its architecture and shopping.

Of course, the big attraction is due to the beautiful beach with blue sea and white sand .

2. Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach Source: Unsplash

Want to enjoy sunny days and enjoy nature? Nothing better than getting to know Hollywood Beach, which is beautiful.

You will find great infrastructure with a very extensive boardwalk for physical activity.

If you want to see famous artists, it is a good place, after all, it is very frequented by Hollywood stars . Ah, on this beach, you will find waters that are crystal clear and calm and also showers throughout its length.

3. Haulover Beach

Get ready to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire city , as well as being one of the most extensive.

The beach at Haulover Beach is so extensive that it has almost desert stretches. There is an area dedicated to nudism, but calm, the beach is very well signposted.

Even in the nudist part, it is possible to wear swimsuits. Be sure to visit the place and enjoy the landscape of the region.

4. Matheson Hammock Park

This is one of the most incredible Miami beaches in the city. Its circle shape makes it one of the most different there. Matheson Hammock Park has a delightful natural pool with waters from the sea.

Even with such beauty, this destination is little known, and is therefore a perfect place for moments of leisure and relaxation .

The place is full of coconut trees and crystal clear sand. You will definitely love it!

5. Lummus Park Beach

Miami Beaches: Lummus Park Beach Source: Unsplash

If you want to associate beaches and outdoor activities , Lummus Park Beach needs to be part of your itinerary.

The place has beautiful scenery and great infrastructure for the practice of sports, as well as biking and hiking.

If you prefer, rest on the lawns under the huge coconut trees planted there. The beach is also very close to the park. So, take the opportunity to go for a swim.

6. Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne Source: Unsplash

Blue sea, clear waters and many coconut trees. Key Biscayne Island is a little far from the city of Miami.

You can access it through the Rickenbacker Causeway bridge, which is a suspended route of about six kilometers over the sea.

In addition to the beautiful beach scenery, the path there is surprising. Take the opportunity to take a dip and enjoy the scenery on the various loungers that are installed on the strip of sand.

Ah, also visit the lighthouse, built on a stretch of sand.

7. Key West Island

Key West Island Source: Unsplash

For those who want to know the best beaches in Miami, you can include the Island of Key West, with very democratic locations for all tourist profiles.

You will find stretches more busy, always full of people and also quiet places, for those who want to relax.

If you want to party, visit Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. But if you want to combine beautiful scenery and good food, the beach on Duval Street is the best option.

8. Daytona Beach

Very trendy, Daytona Beach is very busy, due to the Daytona International Speedway race track, which is the stage for the Nascar Daytona 500.

In addition to a very nice beach, the place has a beautiful amphitheater, which hosts summer festivals, in addition to having game rooms and amusement parks.

Very close to the beach is the Daytona Lagoon water park, which offers go-kart racing, tobogganing, swimming pools, and several other attractions.

How are Miami beaches?

Best time to visit Source: Unsplash

The Miami coast is a true dream. The beaches are very clean, very well preserved and have great infrastructure.

In addition, the most common features among them are the blue sea, the transparent waters, the soft white sand, as well as beautiful coconut trees, piers and an edge full of bars, restaurants, hotels.

On the city’s beaches, it is possible to take a bronze on the sun loungers perfectly installed on the sand strips and relax under the umbrellas.

You will be amazed by the landscapes, the trendy climate and the excellent infrastructure around the beaches.

After all, what are the best beaches in Miami?

With so many beautiful places, it is always very difficult to define which are the best beaches in Miami.

If we could choose, it would certainly be the beautiful island Key Biscayne, which has white sand, blue sea and a beautiful lighthouse.

In addition, the amazing Matheson Hammock Park with its beautiful natural swimming pool in a circle shape is on our list, as well as South Beach, one of the hottest in all of Miami.

What is the best beach in Florida?

Miami Beaches Source: Unsplash

Throughout Florida, there are plenty of beautiful beaches. Without a doubt, Palm Beach is among the best in the state. It is famous for its luxury resorts, sophisticated hotels and many mansions.

With excellent infrastructure, the Palm Beach region is frequented by many famous people who have millionaire residences in the vicinity.

What is the most beautiful beach in the United States?

You can already see that the United States has the most beautiful beaches on the American continent, right?

In this sense, Hawaii’s beaches are considered the most beautiful in the country, such as Hanalei Bay . There, the scenery is composed of fine white sand and beautiful mountains around it.

It is a true paradise for surfers, as it has huge waves and amazing landscapes.

Miami Beach Itinerary Suggestion

When it comes to setting up your Miami beach itinerary, one tip is to start your tour of South Beach , the most famous and popular beach in the city.

You can’t miss the restaurants, bars and nightclubs there.

If you want to see famous people and enjoy a beautiful beach, include Hollywood Beach , which has an excellent infrastructure for physical activity.

Set aside at least one day to enjoy Haulover Beach, which even offers a nudist area.

Discover Matheson Hammock Park , which has a beautiful natural pool in the shape of a circle, reserve all day to stay on site.

Ah, Key West Island is beautiful and has many attractions. Be sure to visit it!

Tips for enjoying Miami beaches

Even if your goal is to enjoy the city’s beaches, be sure to take the opportunity to do some great shopping there, as the region has many shops and outlets at great prices.

Prepare to return with the bags full. When it comes to getting around, you can rent a car and enjoy the attractions as you prefer.

If you prefer, you can use the city’s transportation system , which offers buses, trains, trolley and metro move, an elevated electric vehicle, in addition to taxis and bicycles.

Regarding accommodation, the Miami Beach area is the most recommended. If you can, stay in the vicinity of Lincoln Road, which features many restaurants, bars and shops.


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