Quality of life at work – Achieving better results


Care for quality of life at work must be present in all companies. This is because when the worker is satisfied with the work environment, the results tend to be better for him as well as for the employer.

Achieving excellent results is what every company and every worker wants. However, although the guarantee of a quality of life at work provides the generation of expressive results, there are still few companies that really take care of this factor.

In this article, we will explore some aspects of this theme and, mainly, the benefits of ensuring that the business environment generates quality of life.

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Quality of life at work

The quality of life at work, often presented only through the acronym QVT, concerns the level of satisfaction that a person finds in their work environment.

We know that a person spends a good part of his time (and, therefore, of his life) inside companies carrying out his professional activities. And your life as a whole influences and is influenced by work. Hence the importance of taking care that this experience in the corporate environment is satisfactory, motivating and a source of fulfillment.

To deal with the quality of life at work is to address a large number of topics. Among them, we can mention:

  • The opportunities and the way that workers find to use and develop their skills;
  • The social and internal integration that the company provides;
  • Safety and health conditions at work;
  • The guarantee of wages and benefits and sufficient for the functions performed;
  • Among others.

Hence the importance of every company doing a good job of people management (it is mainly the Human Resources and People Management areas that must take care and guarantee the quality of life within the corporation).

Being so broad, it is essential that every company make a good business diagnosis to find situations and failures that may be impacting employee satisfaction.

We usually perceive here at Intelliplan, while serving micro, small and medium-sized companies, which are not major failures that leave employees dissatisfied, but small carelessness on the part of managers who accumulate and destroy the quality of life at work .

Therefore, it is essential to realize that when a company is concerned with the lives of its employees, in addition to collaborating with its employees, it is also taking care and improving the company itself. It is, therefore, an investment with great positive return.

The importance for employees

Everyone likes to go to pleasant places, to live with people from whom we have learned and grown, and to be able to collaborate to transform lives and situations. And that goes for every situation in life and also at work.

When an employee finds a favorable environment to carry out his professional activities, the tendency is that he feels more welcomed and motivated to do his best.

The opposite of all this is also valid: when we are in an environment in which we do not feel welcomed, in which there is no integration but division, where only numbers matter, and where there is no prospect of growth and improvement, it becomes more complicated to perform the tasks. activities with spirit and mastery.

Obviously, it is not only the company that is responsible for providing a pleasant working environment. Employees must also collaborate so that the quality of life is satisfactory.
Each employee is responsible for not encouraging or carrying out conversations and attitudes that harm the environment. It is useless for an employee to want a friendly work environment when he is the first to not collaborate for this.

It is also worth remembering and considering that the human being is a being of relationships. And a company must allow and provide these healthy and uplifting relationships. Even if an employee is not hired and paid to form friendships and spend time talking about issues that are not relevant to work, we know that it is also not possible that when entering the company, a person leaves out what has been living in it and outside it.

This is a big step towards boosting the quality of life at work : welcoming and motivating the person at work as a whole.

The importance for the company

But thinking about the quality of life at work from the point of view of the entrepreneur and managers, is it really worth investing in? Is it the company’s responsibility to take care of its employees? Shouldn’t everyone take care of their own lives?

In fact, as already mentioned, employees have a direct participation and influence on the quality of the corporate environment. Therefore, it is not only the company’s responsibility.

However, it is necessary to consider a fact: we are talking about people, not machines.

And if even machines need to operate under the right conditions to have maximum performance, how much more can we say with regard to human beings.

When a company invests to improve the quality of life at work, it will gain in 2 aspects:

  1. Employees will be more satisfied and the organizational climate tends to improve, facilitating management;
  2. Satisfied employees tend to produce more and better, as they will have the courage and willingness to fulfill their duties and even go beyond obligations, and this will positively impact the company’s final results.

As we discussed earlier, we realized that with small actions it is possible to increase the quality of life in the organization . In practice, this means that with corrections at no cost and with small investments it is possible to make a leap in employee satisfaction with the company.

A first step in understanding your company’s current scenario and identifying what can be improved is to conduct an employee satisfaction survey .

Improving the quality of life at work

But then, what to do to improve the quality of life at work ?

Some simple actions can be taken to improve the quality of life at work. Check out some suggestions:

  • Invest in the training of leaders: it is common to find professionals dissatisfied with their work due to the function they perform, but because their leader does not lead the team in the best way or is not even prepared for it;
  • Encourage feedback within the company, at all levels: how to improve without knowing what the mistakes and successes have been? Include in your organizational culture the importance and practice of feedback, and your employees will be able to improve themselves by knowing where they are going wrong and getting it right and what the company expects of them;
  • Keep a clean, organized work environment that encourages creativity: it is not motivating and lowers the quality of life at work having to work daily and staying for hours in a dirty or disorganized environment and with a stiffness that prevents creativity. Take care of the physical environment where your employees work. By the way, a visual change (and this does not require a big investment) can bring new air and animate employees;
  • Encourage the practice of labor gymnastics before or during working hours: working sitting for long hours, performing repetitive movements continuously, staying in uncomfortable positions, all of this is bad for the body and, therefore, affects the quality of life of employees . Encourage – and who knows, hire a qualified professional for this – your employees to perform gymnastics before or during the work period. In addition to caring for the body, it increases the willingness to work;
  • Check if working hours and flexibility of hours can be improved: all rigidity and control too much creates discomfort and demotivation. Review company policies and see if you can be more flexible when it comes to working hours. There are already several practices adopted by companies in many segments and in which your company can be inspired;
  • Teach employees to move around during work, avoiding spending too much time in the same body position: more and more we spend hours and hours sitting, either in front of the computer or in endless meetings. Moving around, in addition to being healthy, increases your willingness to work;
  • Encourage employees to plan their holidays: we know that the vacation period is essential to rest, recharge, discover new places, increase creativity, and much more. Unfortunately, however, few plan their vacations and end up not taking the best advantage of it. Often, employees return to work complaining about a badly spent vacation. Encourage and help your employees to plan their holidays. If they are used well, the company will also benefit;
  • Help your employees to be more organized. Disorganization generates dissatisfaction: there are people who are more organized and do it naturally; other people need to strive to have life and work organized. The fact is that disorganization brings dissatisfaction, in addition to hindering productivity. So, help your employees; there are many techniques, tips and guidelines for becoming a more organized people.

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In this article you will find important information and tips for taking care of your work routine and the routine of your employees. This is also directly linked to the quality of life at work .

Improving results and competitiveness

Every company wants to improve its results and be more competitive in the market. And as seen, being a company where employees are satisfied with their quality of life helps a lot. But what else can be done?

Here at Intelliplan Consultoria Empresarial we offer a series of materials and online courses to help micro, small and medium companies to improve their results.

We really believe that when companies are more organized, structured, when the people who lead and form the company are better prepared, the results are better.


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