I want to start this article with a question, dear person: Do you consider your work environment to be harmonious or chaotic? I ask this, because the answer to this question is directly linked to the quality of life existing in the place where you exercise your daily professional activities.

My intention is to take you and everyone who has the opportunity to read this article to reflect on how the quality of life at work is going, on its great importance for us to be beings of light that are more and more fulfilled, personally and professionally, among other factors , which I consider fundamental in our evolutionary journey.

So, I invite you to join me in this reading and get to know the concept and some tips related to quality of life, so that you can develop at work. Check out!

Quality of Life at Work: concepts and tips

In a succinct and objective way, Quality of Life at Work, or QWL, as it is also known, is the degree of satisfaction that an employee has with the functions performed and with the place where he works. Contrary to what many believe, the satisfaction of a professional in the workplace is not something that concerns only him. This, incidentally, is an issue that must be seen and given due attention by the organization’s management, after all, employee satisfaction is directly linked to the good results that the company obtains or wishes to obtain in the near future.

Companies are made by people. Nothing better than having motivated, happy and engaged people, ready to put their professional talents at the company’s disposal, so that everyone can reap good fruits, right? Ensuring a high level of Quality of Life at Work is part of the joint action between managers, entrepreneurs and the People Management team. Investing in equipment and machinery, encouraging cordiality and kindness among employees, in order to create a friendly and pleasant organizational culture , are some of the many initiatives that the organization can take so that everyone has quality of life at work.

The role of the company

Still talking about the role of organizations in this matter, I will share some action tips that can be taken by companies, so that they can guarantee the quality of life at work for each of their employees. Look:

HR as the main agent

To ensure the quality of life at work for all employees, the performance of the companies’ Human Resources area , the famous HR, has a fundamental role in the execution of actions. This is because they are the representatives of the organization responsible for observing and ensuring that everyone has a peaceful environment, with everything they need, to exercise their daily activities.

In addition, with their expertise, HR professionals are able to adjust positions, functions and salaries and ensure that all employees have fair conditions and benefits according to what they perform and their commitment to the organization.

Occupational safety and health

One of the main points that deserve attention from companies is in relation to the health and safety of their employees in the workplace. I say this, because the number of occupational diseases has grown a lot and caused damage not only to organizations, but to the most diverse types of workers around the world.

In this sense, it is important that the company guarantees its employees an environment with a fair, controlled and healthy working day, a space with ergonomic equipment and accessible to people with physical disabilities, among other actions.

Career development and growth

It is still possible for companies to contribute to the growth and development of their employees, encouraging them to improve their skills and better skills, in order to achieve the desired success in their professional careers. Thus, it is possible that they feel even more valued by the organization and also contribute to the achievement of the results they want.

Organizational climate

Another important role of the organization in promoting quality of life at work for its employees has to do with the organizational climate. As they spend a large part of their day at the company, it is essential that the professionals who are there feel free to exercise their activities in the best possible way.

Therefore, it is essential that companies promote actions of integration and mutual respect among employees, in order to ensure that there is a harmonious organizational climate for all.

The collaborator’s turn

The employee can also contribute to the Quality of Life at Work. With that in mind, I have listed below some actions that can positively contribute to this issue. Here’s how:


A focused and committed professional suffers less negative interference from the environment. With this, it manages to have even more quality of life in one of the places where it spends a large part of its existence.

Not gossip!

Futile conversations about the lives of colleagues and superiors only fuel a hostile environment. Thus, it is important to move away from them and try to eliminate this conduct from day to day, since this has the power to harm not only the employee, but also the company as a whole.

Thus, it is essential to resist temptation and say, definitely, not to gossip.

Working well as a team

Teamwork is one of the main skills required by companies and also one of the best ways to guarantee quality of life at work. Thus, the professional who wants to work in a good environment, can and should collaborate with his colleagues and seek to learn from them as well.

Deadlines and times

Meeting demands with quality and meeting deadlines and schedules avoids stresses between employees and managers, who may, therefore, question the performance of the company’s professionals. Thus, it is necessary that the employee avoids any kind of delays as much as possible, so that he is able to claim better ways of working and so that he also has even more quality of life in the company.

Interpersonal relationships

Maintaining good interpersonal relationships with colleagues and superiors makes the environment better and more favorable for the performance of professional activities.

As well as the personal aspect, QVT is essential for the development of employees, both inside and outside the company environment. In this sense, it is important to emphasize the social role of organizations also in the formation of citizens more aware of their role in society.

How can Quality of Life at Work contribute to your organization? Use the space below to tell me your experience and your opinion on the subject. And if this content has helped you in a positive way and you believe it can help other people too, like and share it on your social networks.


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