Stay in shape without leaving home


Often, to adopt healthy habits, a stimulus is needed. With summer approaching, many people are looking for amazing diets to reach their ideal weight. But we need to think about balanced nutrition to achieve success. And that alone is not enough! What really makes the difference is a set of manners and proper exercises.

I launched the summer challenge for that! To lose weight and look beautiful for the summer, but thinking about health too! Of course, this is for life!

To shake up our project, today’s tip is about physical activity. Everyone already knows the importance of exercise for weight loss and also for our health. Do you already practice? It’s time to put the body in motion!

I tested a super exercise program that can be done anywhere. With the rush of everyday life it is not always possible to enroll in the gym. This is the solution to practice physical activity whenever and wherever we want! It’s great!

The  Freeletics  raised in Germany and turned fever worldwide. There are more than 6 million people practicing and many success stories spread around. One of the ones that impressed me most was Seana, who changed her body and disposition with the app’s training. Spy how fantastic!

Did you know that you don’t have to kill yourself by exercising for hours? This is the coolest thing about Freeletics . The workouts are short and vary between 15 and 45 minutes and have the full footprint of functional exercises, developing strength, endurance, balance and motor coordination. Of course it spends a lot of calories and helps you lose weight and leave your body defined and beautiful.

Workouts vary in intensity and can be done by anyone regardless of fitness level. In addition, the videos are incredible to help with the correct execution.

The application is available for iOS and Android and everyone can download it for free on their cell phone. The website has more information and motivating stories, click HERE to access. Ah! One of the great differentials is the personalized accompaniment offered by the coach, which we can do in the paid version of the app.

What’s up guys! Now there’s no excuse for lack of time or money to exercise! Let’s activate the summer project and stay fit and healthy!

Get fit for the summer

Fever in the gym,  HIIT  promises to “dry out” quickly and efficiently by mixing short-duration, high-intensity exercises with rest periods. The training gains, from this month, two fixed classes in the units of Bodytech. Lasting 30 minutes, HIIT Running and HIIT Bike are superpower and express versions of traditional running and spinning classes, with the purpose of increasing physical conditioning and performance.

For those who are tired of fitness ballet, but want to continue strengthening their abs and lower back and work on stretching,  Horton Technique is a good option. The technique, created by an American choreographer and taught here by dancer Luan Rattacaso at DaVinci Art Studio, in Itaim, in São Paulo, spends up to 800 calories in an hour. The course is a mix of exercises coming from pilates with modern dance movements done standing and on the ground.
Rua João Cachoeira, 1.549, tel. (11) 2528-9327, SP

The traditional Jump class, with series of jumps on top of a mini trampoline, gained a turbocharged version in all units of Bio Ritmo. The  Power Jump Series requires the ability to jump while working upper limbs, with rubber bands and dumbbells. There is no rest: when leaving the trampoline, the student still “pays” a series of burpees and sit-ups. Just 30 minutes long, the novelty burns up to 400 calories per class.


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