Stay on top of 13 major fitness trends for 2019

The year has already started and with it comes all the news that we love. In the fitness world, there is no shortage of new things to help us achieve the goals of improving health and having a beautiful and functional body.

Anyone who is a fan of healthy life cannot be left out of everything that happens in this environment. Thinking about it, we brought this post to help you in this mission. If you want to stay on top of the fitness trends of 2019, read on!

1. Technology to improve performance

Technology is everything that man creates to make his life easier and that of others. So, why not use this feature to improve performance and get better results in training?

The fitness trend is to use wearable equipment – in Portuguese, “wearable” or “wearable”. The term may seem a little confusing at first, but after seeing a few examples it becomes easier to understand. Check out!


Everyone knows that clothes to practice physical activities should allow flexibility and be comfortable, but nowadays, they do more than that. With technological fabrics, they can absorb sweat and protect from the sun.

Sneakers, on the other hand, gain more and more qualities that reduce joint impacts and other benefits. Did you know that there is a banned model in NBA basketball games? Yeah! The APL has a propulsion system that helps the athlete run faster and jump higher. Therefore, it was considered illegal because it offers advantages to athletes.


In fashion, accessories have the fundamental role of making the look more interesting. In sports, they help to optimize training. The smartwatch, for example, evolved the concept of a watch just to see the time and fulfills several other functions, such as:

  • mark the exercise time;
  • it is a GPS locator;
  • allows you to use applications;
  • monitors heart rate;
  • shows the calories spent;
  • indicates the distance traveled;
  • you can listen to music.

2. HIIT: High intensity interval exercise

Gone are the times when they believed that to burn fat I needed hours of physical exercises. Studies show that training intensely with rest intervals for just a few minutes is enough to have all the benefits of physical activities.

HIIT (High-intensity interval training) has won more and more fans around the world. He is reputed to burn a lot of calories both during exercise and afterwards.

This training is aerobic and consists of giving a total gas in the exercises for a short period and taking short rest intervals, repeating this mode until the training time is up. HIIT can be applied to running, cycling, trampoline and other sports.

Workouts vary from 4 to 30 minutes, which is ideal for those who have little time to exercise, but who do not give up good results. Want to know the benefits of HIIT? Look that:

  • increases metabolism;
  • burns calories up to 24 hours after finishing training;
  • helps to gain lean mass ;
  • improves muscle synthesis;
  • assists in cardiorespiratory fitness.

3. Fitness apps

Smartphone apps are one of the wonders that technology does for us, making our lives easier and helping with the most diverse tasks, from work to entertainment. Do you think healthy living would be out of this? Meet the fitness apps!

Drink water

Our body is made up of more or less 70% water. Therefore, we need to drink enough water to keep the body always hydrated. Everyone says that 2 liters a day is needed, but is that true for anyone?

To help you find out what the ideal amount is, the Whater Your Body app does the calculation. In addition, it has alarms that ring at the right time to drink water to keep you from forgetting. Cool huh?

For training

If we say you can use your cell phone to train, do you believe it? BITFIT, for example, offers classes of different modalities, such as ballet fitness, yoga , 20 minutes workout and others, every day.

Each class lasts 15 to 25 minutes and the activities are easy to learn. But make no mistake! They demand from the body and bring great results. In addition to this service, you can count on an online personal trainer, who sets up a personalized training based on your goals.

Dietary support

Counting calories all the time can be a chore, but not with MyFitnessPal. With this application, you record what you ate and the amount and it calculates the caloric value of the meal and the amount consumed in the day.

Other than that, it has a discussion forum in which users can exchange experiences, tips and motivational messages. Another cool thing is that it adapts to various diets, such as dietary education, low carb and others.

4. Collective classes

There are those who like to work out alone and this is perfectly understandable, but most people like company when it comes to exercising, especially to have that extra motivation for training.

Group classes are one of the strongest fitness trends for 2019. As people have less and less time to socialize, making friends at the gym can be a great alternative.

There are several modalities that allow this type of interaction. Among the most common are the various types of dances, including those with the purpose of burning many calories, such as zumba and cardiodance, in addition to spining, fit bike, jump and others.

If you are not stimulated to train, this can be a good option for you to have a healthier life by including physical activities in your routine .

5. Training with personal trainer

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of being accompanied by a physical educator during weight training. Training in this sport without a professional nearby can bring two major losses: serious injuries and no results.

Especially for those who intend to train hard and get more performance, the presence of this professional is essential. Take a look at the advantages of having a personal trainer:

  • personalized training according to your routine and goals;
  • is safer;
  • minimizes errors and, consequently, injuries;
  • evaluation and monitoring of results and performance;
  • gives more motivation.

In addition, professional guidance in physical activities is especially important for groups that deserve more attention, such as pregnant women, the elderly and hypertensive patients.

As there are some restrictions on movement and intensity, the physical educator is the most qualified person to develop a training that does not put the practitioner’s health at risk.

6. Fights

Some time ago, fights stopped being exclusively a competitive sport and also became a fitness modality. Men and women seek, in the martial arts, a way to keep their bodies healthy. Look at the most popular fights.

Muay Thai

Of Thai origin, this fight mixes kicks, punches, elbows and knees. Talking like that is scary, right !? But there is no need to fear, as the benefits outweigh any aggression. Some of them are:

  • improves flexibility;
  • defines and strengthens muscles;
  • burns fat;
  • increases fitness.


This modality is well known worldwide. With the help of equipment, such as sandbags and models, the practitioner strikes and burns many calories and defines the body.

If the ladies think that this is not a sport for them, they are very wrong. By working the trunk a lot, he refines the waist and helps to conquer the six pack abs . In addition, it is possible to spend 800 calories per class!

Jiu Jitsu

Another modality that is super hot is jiu-jitsu. Done predominantly on the floor, it contributes to muscle strengthening and physical conditioning. In addition, fighting also helps with cardiorespiratory fitness and burns a lot of calories – there are about 1000 in one class! Cool, right !?

7. Workout using your own body weight

Everyone knows how to use weights to strengthen muscles and gain lean mass. Dumbbells, bench presses and other equipment are part of this type of training.

But what if we said you can use your own body weight, would you believe it? Yes, it is possible, and this is yet another fitness trend. Some advantages of this type of exercise are:

  • do not stress the joints so much, reducing the risk of injury;
  • allow the most natural range of motion;
  • stimulate muscle growth evenly.

With it, you can burn fat, tone your muscles and even hypertrophy, but you need to adapt the training for each goal. The coolest thing about using your own body weight is that you can train at home or outdoors, just know how to execute the movements in the right way.

8. Low carbohydrate diet

Anyone who is always aware of fitness trends must have heard of diets that reduce carbohydrates to lose weight. Even though it is fashionable, many people still do not know exactly how they work. Want to learn? Check out!

Low carb diet

Low carb means low carbohydrate. This diet restricts foods rich in this nutrient, such as cereals and flours, legumes, sugars, tubers and roots.

The basis of this diet is vegetables and leafy vegetables. About 70% of the dish should be vegetables. The rest is divided between the proteins of meats, eggs and cheeses and good fats, such as avocado, butter, coconut oil and others.

With it, it is possible to lose body fat quickly, since it does not activate insulin. Other than that, this diet also satiates, causing the adept to eat less. But it is necessary to remember that, even though it is a nice food, it is necessary to have a prescription from the nutritionist.

Ketogenic diet

This diet has the same principle as low carb, which is to reduce carbohydrates, but it is more radical. Instead of vegetables being the main ingredient on the menu, the diet is based on healthy fats. The other part is protein and leafy.

Because it is more rigid, it promotes intense weight loss and a lot of fat burning. But, even for that reason, it cannot be done by anyone. Many athletes use it as a nutritional strategy to improve body composition for some competition, for example.

The diet has this name because, when the body is deprived of glucose, it begins to use both body fat and what we eat as the main source of energy.

9. Yoga

Yoga is a set of ancient practices of Indian origin. Some treat it as a meditation, while others consider it just as a physical activity. But why not believe that he is both? Through very well executed movements, it strengthens and tones the muscles. The list of benefits is extensive. Some of them are:

  • improves flexibility;
  • helps in weight loss;
  • improves posture;
  • prevents joint pain;
  •  prevents back pain;
  • strengthens bones;
  • helps in controlling blood pressure;
  • reduces stress;
  • eases anxiety;
  • improves concentration;
  • improves balance;
  • contributes to sleep quality;
  • increases immunity.

Yoga is an activity that energizes the body and mind, ideal for those who want to practice a physical activity and have a moment of connection with their interior at the same time.

If you feel like practicing, but still don’t know how to start, in the BTFIT app you can also find videos with this modality.

10. Dances

In addition to being fun, dancing can be a complete physical activity. If before it was seen as a way to spend calories, today there are specific ways to turn your body and strengthen your muscles.

Fever in the gym is a dance that promises fat burning and muscle definition. In this type of dance, the main concern is to develop choreographies that are stimulating and that move the whole body. Want to meet some? Look that!

Ballet Fitness

This dance uses classic ballet movements and the body’s own weight to tone and define muscles, improve strength and balance, in addition to expending a lot of calories – about 750 per class hour.

Between one step and another, typical gym exercises are inserted, which makes ballet fitness different from the traditional one. And don’t think that you have to be very knowledgeable about dance to start the practice, because anyone can try to do it.

Cardio Dance

By the name, you can already imagine what’s coming, right? Yes, it is a dance that works on cardiovascular function and, consequently, has high energy expenditure. For that, Cardio Dance mixes several musical styles, such as hip-hop, axé and Latin rhythms.

With this dance you can also lose weight , define your body, gain physical strength and much more. Choreographies are very easy to learn and can be done even by those who have never danced or think they are not good at things. It’s a good one, huh !?

Dance Clip

Do you know those incredible dances of Beyoncé, Madonna and other pop divas? So, now they have invaded gyms with the intention of transforming your body in a fun way.

The Dance Clip is one of the darling dances of famous Brazilians , such as Juliana Paes, Grazi Massafera and Marina Ruy Barbosa. With current music and bold choreography, you get in shape and still rock the dance floor.

Remember that both Cardio Dance and Ballet Fitness are available in the BTFIT app. If you want to practice, but are ashamed or don’t want to go to a dance academy, it’s a great option!

11. Intermittent fasting

Many people think that intermittent fasting is a diet, but it is not. In fact, it is a nutritional strategy, as it does not directly affect the type of food, but how it is made. Calm down, which we already explain better.

Do you know that story of eating every 3 hours, otherwise the metabolism slows down and reduces caloric expenditure? So, that’s not how it works. This type of fractionation of meals is also legal, but it is not suitable for everyone.

Intermittent fasting is based on the habit of spending a few hours without eating and others eating only healthy foods. The most used protocols are 12/12 and 16/8 – the first number indicates the fasting hours and the second, the time when meals can be taken. There are other schemes, such as 18/4 and 24 hours, but they are indicated only for those who are already used to this method.

You must be asking yourself: what is it for? The main function is weight loss and weight maintenance, but its benefits go beyond this: it helps the body’s cells to live longer, as it promotes a type of detoxification.

12. Train at home

People have less and less time in their day. To do all the chores without running, it would certainly be necessary to have more than 24 hours a day. Considering this, training at home came to make life easier.

Imagine having gym results in the comfort of your home? Too much, right? You can get that cold water , use the space just for you, make a mega snack after training, save the money that would be spent on transportation and, still, have more time to spend with other activities of your day to day!

There are several physical activities that can be done at home. Some need more sophisticated equipment, like the treadmill and the bicycle, and others can be made with simple devices, such as ropes and hula hoops. There are also exercises that you will only need your smartphone to do, as is the case with BTFIT classes.

And speaking of the app, another nice thing about it is that you can download videos and watch them when you’re offline. That way, you have no excuse for not exercising when you are away from home and it is a great option for doing outdoor activities. Practicing yoga in the middle of nature, for example, is incredible!

13. Demystification of food

Nutrition is a science that studies the interaction of food and nutrients in the human body. Much is said about it, but not everything is true. Lately, people who have no training in the area have spread some myths, and the tendency for the coming years is to deconstruct this wrong information.

Cut food

We live in a time when people are depriving themselves of consuming certain foods for fear of harming the body. Examples of this are diets without gluten and / or lactose even for those who have no restrictions due to medical advice.

The truth is that restricting food without a prescription can do more harm than good. Did you know that a person who is not lactose intolerant can become by not taking milk and dairy products for some time? Therefore, it is very important to seek information from professionals specialized in the subject. Want to go on a diet? Consult a nutritionist!

Saturated fat

In recent years, saturated fat has lost its reputation as a villain of the heart. The problem is that a lot of people confuse “it doesn’t matter” with “you can eat at will”, and that’s not how it should be.

Balance is the key to success in any situation in our life, and food is no different. The saturated fat naturally present in food is not harmful, as was thought, but it is also not recommended to eat this excess fat every day, because it remains caloric and, if we eat more calories than we spend, our health can be impaired.

After going through all this information, I could see one thing: fitness trends 2019 came with everything and to stay! Between technology to improve performance, physical activities and healthy eating , we have several novelties to try and include in our habits . After all, everything that comes to improve our lives is welcome, isn’t it?


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